Washington Revelations Hit a New High

Washington Revelations Hits a New High

Washington, DC, is a “no-fly zone.” However, there is one way you can fly through DC and gain an experience like none other. One of the most anticipated attractions within the museum, Washington Revelations, is a fly-through experience which takes passengers on a journey throughout to discover Bible texts inscribed in plain sight. Designed by David Vatcher at Dynamic Motion Rides, the interactive experience runs approximately 5 minutes long. You will shift this way and that as you virtually soar around the city, travel through buildings, see Martin Luther King Jr. address the masses, and watch President Lincoln rise out of his chair at the Lincoln Memorial. There are twelve locations in all, and by combining computer generated imagery with some 30,000 photographs taken in ten days, Washington Revelations was created. You will feel the wind through your hair and the cold splatter of rain on your face as you glide through a Washington storm. This dream-like flight is a crazy, fun, family-friendly “flight” over Washington to see the Bible on display around the capital.

During the museum’s grand opening events, hundreds of people came through and enjoyed this attraction, but none quite like Betty Zengal. Betty, who was 100 years and one month old at the opening, is the oldest person to ever participate in this interactive ride. One concern many people have is the potential nausea that sometimes comes with these types of flight and motion experiences. David and his team have taken great care to synchronize the rolling motion of the platform with the movie on the screen to reduce the onset of motion sickness. This is a key factor in helping everyone enjoy the experience, even those with a low threshold for motion sickness. Guests can ride as young as four years old. Through careful technological timing and design, this ride is safe and fun for all who participate.

Some of the most beautiful buildings in DC are featured in this experience–buildings such as the Library of Congress where David’s team was invited to come in and photograph anything they wanted for four days, three hours each day. The St. Paul statue that is prominently featured in the fly-through experience had over 1,000 photographs taken from every angle to generate realistic 3D imaging. Even more realistic is the approach to making riders believe they are truly flying. There are a few factors that make this happen. One factor comes from our dream experiences of flying. If you have ever flown in your dreams, you might remember that it is never in a sitting position. You are either upright or horizontal, like Superman. The ride employs three main motions: up and down, roll left and right, and pitch (which is the action of leaning forward). So, with the right pace and the right timing, with the movement elements of being upright and being brought to half the pitch angle, and combined with the fact that the movie is continuous with no hard cuts, gives each rider a dreamlike sequence approximating a realistic experience of flight.

No one will want to miss this fun-filled adventure, but be sure to ask about tickets for Washington Revelations at the check-in desk when you first arrive because this attraction is based on timed entry and has a fee. Or you can book in advance so you don’t have to wait!