The Word Comes Forth from Zion – High-Tech Style

My passion for the Bible has led to a 32 year love affair with Israel, the land of the Bible. I started visiting Israel regularly in 1983 and will soon be celebrating my 100th trip!

Israel is the setting for thousands of years of biblical history. It is not uncommon for building contractors to uncover fragments of the past such as ancient pottery shards or Roman glass as they are excavating a construction site. The Israel Antiquities Authority has to be on hand at all times to protect and preserve any unexpected treasure that may be unearthed as the next skyscraper goes up to house Israel’s booming high tech industry.

This is the place where the ancient past and the not-so-distant future meet. I guess it’s not surprising that when Museum of the Bible sought a partner to create the technology for the Bible curriculum, we found our match in a company called Compedia, based Ramat Gan, Israel near Tel Aviv.

Founded by Ilan Goldberg, Shai Newman and Gil Ilutowich in 1988, Compedia’s innovative products have been translated into about 50 languages and have won popular acclaim in numerous countries. They have worked with Disney, Sony and Intel as well as with institutions such as Cambridge and MIT.

Compedia has created an interactive digital overlay for the curriculum’s textbook called Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality enables students to experience 3D objects in a highly immersive way. A computer generated virtual environment is formed that invites students to interact making it easier for them to relate to what is being presented.

Augmented Reality experiences are tied to almost every written page of the curriculum’s textbook bringing the material alive digitally via their iPads. During our initial testing, students not only became more engaged with the material, they also retained much more of the information taught. To see one of these test runs first hand click here!