Museum of the Bible Books

Museum of the Bible invites all people to engage with arguably the most influential book of all times, the Bible. Part of the fascination with this incredible book stems from many publications dedicated to the effort of unpacking its meaning and significance. At Museum of the Bible, we invite all people to engage with the Bible and learn about its history, narratives, and impact on countries and cultures through time.

One special place in the museum is our state-of-the-art Museum Shop that carries wonderful gifts and keepsakes, handpicked to enhance our visitors’ experience and offer mementos of their visit. Alongside these items, we are excited to launch an amazing collection of items through our publishing initiative, Museum of the Bible Books. This outstanding collection will help extend each guest’s experience at the Museum through additional exploration and reflection of the Bible in these publications.

The Bible itself is the premier storyteller, and the basis of this publication’s initiative is to offer books for everyone–from the curious toddler to the enquiring scholar. One of our featured books is the Global Impact Bible. This will unpack, in over 900 articles, some of the historical significance and influence the Bible has had on arts, entertainment, science, medicine, education, literacy, government, politics, languages, and much more.

The World’s Greatest Book written by Lawrence H. Schiffman and Jerry Pattengale is an adventure-filled narrative sure to captivate readers’ attention with insight and intrigue about the people and events that contributed to shaping the Bible’s own story. Schiffman and Pattengale present their research and combine their Jewish and Protestant heritages to convey both personal and expert insights on how, from generation to generation, Jews and Christians collected and passed down the biblical texts. They discuss how Jewish and Christian communities canonized editions of the Bible over a thousand years, and how many people dedicated their lives to put this unique book into the hands of people all over the world.

Other books of interest in the collection include The World David Knew, The World Jesus Knew, 99 Earth-Shattering Events Linked to the Bible, 99 Amazing Books and Films Inspired by the Bible, and Found in Translation (which unpacks 52 Hebrew words and phrases for a deeper understanding of the Bible). All these, and more, will be available in the Museum Shop when we open in November.