Join One Million Others

Every square inch of Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, has been carefully planned and filled. The tile, wall coverings, door handles, and even the chairs and tables, have been chosen in careful deliberation. All are specially crafted and intentionally placed. By design, everything you see has an artful and intentional purpose.

The tiled floor in the lobby depicts the universe in darkness and leading into light, reflecting the creation portrayed in Genesis. Hand-etched glass suffuses the museum, with frosted panels gracing the staircase of the Milk and Honey Café, and the grand staircase. The elevator LED screens invite you to step into fantastic scenes of various destinations. Everywhere, art and beauty cascade around and envelop you.

On the sixth floor, along the walls leading from the Manna Restaurant into the Gathering Room, eight metal panels are displayed in side-by-side formation, generously spread apart. Images of flowing trees and flowering foliage are soft and easy to follow as your mind wanders into the beauty of the scenery. Stepping close to the panels, you’ll notice that each design is outlined by what appears to be a dark line shaping each figure in the metal panel. The dark line isn’t just an artistic line, but a line comprised of letters. The letters are names. That’s right, names. Artfully crafted from micro-calligraphy are the names of those who have gifted any amount to Museum of the Bible. This artistic display will include one million names of those who stand in agreement that the Bible is important, significant, and a cultural treasure. Already, hundreds of thousands of people around the world support this effort to help all people engage with the Bible. This display is dedicated to recognizing those who value the Bible.