Exploring the World of Archaeology

At some point, I think every child dreams of becoming an explorer. It is exciting to turn over logs and rocks and find little critters, or bugs . . . treasures to delight the senses. I’m a man of science; I like to explore and get my hands dirty. During a recent trip to Israel with a group of museum supporters, we had the opportunity to explore some of the archaeological dig site at Tel Shimron in northern Israel. It was wonderful to see men and women working on site, getting dusty and dirty as they sifted through pieces of debris, hoping to find hidden treasure.


Education and research are incredibly important at Museum of the Bible.  We support research and the academic study of the Bible in various ways, including its archaeological, geographical, historical, and cultural contexts. One way we pursue this is through our Explorations program, which invites students who have completed the Scholars Initiative Summer Logos conference to work with veteran excavators and learn the practices and techniques of field archaeology at the Tel Shimron excavation site.


This comprehensive program includes a full itinerary where students not only engage at the dig site, but are encouraged to explore Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Jordan, and to investigate additional sites significant in biblical studies. Students benefit from exposure to cultural and religious diversity, as well as receive guidance from expert scholars from Jerusalem University, throughout the land of Israel. Students are also encouraged to engage in debate about the challenges that arise between academia and faith through a series of lectures that add depth to their overall experience and studies.