Courageous Pages: Children and the Bible

Children are a precious gift. Their wondrous curiosity, and propensity to express every thought, feeling, and emotion, is nothing short of enchanting. It is no wonder that when Jesus addressed the crowds, he invited the children to come to him. It is cliché to say that children are the future, but the fact remains that they are. Museum of the Bible has dedicated an entire exhibit space to these young creatures of enchanting curiosity. Courageous Pages, the children’s area in the museum, includes an in-depth experience of Bible literacy activities sure to entice even the most unenthusiastic.

Children can play games and immerse themselves in the courageous characters of the Bible, such as walking on water as Peter did, testing their strength as Samson did, and feeding 5,000 people with a simple basket of fish and loaves of bread. Activities abound for the youngest toddler to the older child looking for challenges, including a detective-style interactive that encourages young minds to search for characters through clues from the biblical context.

You can close out the children’s experience with a stop at our Museum Shop to see the selection of children’s books and Bibles. Especially noteworthy is the Museum of the Bible’s Children of the World Storybook Bible, an innovative book that includes 100 of the best-loved Bible stories and features original artwork by children around the world. Their distinct artwork reflects the diverse cultures that have been impacted by the Bible. It also helps children identify with and understand that the Bible is for them. All this, and more, awaits children of all ages to explore the Bible and spark their imaginations, long after they have left the museum.